I'm looking for free net label, to release DnB/Idm stuff


I’m looking for net label to release some DnB/Idm stuff, for free
Japanese netlabel released my 39 albums .
i looking for new netlabel … i have few albums waiting for release
can you recommend me suitable netlabel ?
i can send preview in private message


39 albums???

In how many years?


over 10 years


Just a thought…



Thanks for info :slight_smile:
my albums is mix of idm breakbeat and DnB, i don’t know if will be like it
but ok. … i will send something tomorrow


Awesome. Just shoot me something in a PM. It’s easier for me than email if I know it’s coming.


i wrote PM to you and i add link to zip file on wetransfer-com
but an text appears

Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.


Try it now. I increases your user level.


ok thanks


Np! Let me know if you have trouble with anything else on the forum. I usually log in once a day at least.


@Eternal-Sunset not sure if you were able to send that PM or not. I haven’t received anything so I thought I’d follow up. Thanks!