I'm Gaki a sample based music person


I’ve been eager to share some samples (edit: with my intro spot i wanted to included some of my favorite samples, but couldn’t decide) that i really enjoyed back when i first started out, but never really new about chopping and sample searching, and at the time all i had was an electribe with a pair of headphones and a volca.
But when I found this movie “Monster From A Prehistoric Island” it all clicked when i found the toms, which i labeled here as “Tomsfrommonster” i’ve used them a lot with that sampler but i never recorded them as a song, and as i was deleting files from my comp i found these in a folder and was stoked, so threw them in my octatrack and made a tune with them, and i thought a certain forum might like them as well. anywho, i’ll be glad to hear what you all make with these, be sure to link me the tunes here or at the message box
(btw, the bass snare and hi hat are from NWA’ss most sampled sample :})


here is the track and below are the googledrive lnks, let me know if there is a problem with the links



Welcome to the forum! I too prefer working with audio. Haven’t done a proper sample dig for a minute though. Electribes are always a good time. My first sampler was an Electribe SX. Currently using a Model: Samples and Digitakt.


I think the fun is like half looking for samples while also just consuming media lol

I think my electribe was the mk1, those electribes were warm as fuck though.


I absolutely agree. At the moment I don’t really have any of my gear set up that way for easy sampling. I honestly wish I could afford to have a little Electribe museum in my house lol. My partner would murder me though haha.


Oh yeah, I know what you mean, the solution I found is to use renoise to import samples, edit and then export to the octatrack. When I used my digitakt, I would slice in renoise, render those slices into individual samples and import them. It was a pain in the ass because the clicks that occurred, forcing myself to start over, and listent to each part. I still have a ton of folders with a bunch of drumbreaks ripped apart lol, geez


But yeah, I just wanted to contribute something I liked then and now. I should have used them for the comp, but I didn’t know where they were then


Welcome! I love samplers and sampling, and abusing the poor audio XD


Yes!! Lol let me know what you make of these!


Welcome to the forum ! I love an unsafe amount of distortion on percussions too. Cool vibes


yes you’re right, it is waaaay over distorted… oops, i’m going to have to fix that.