I'm back, and I need advice!


I’m trying to figure out how BLKSMIITH made the pad on “SR20DET”… Maybe it was a sample (???), but it doesn’t sound like one.


Yeah, this sounds an awful lot like just a minor chord sample.

I use khords for stuff like this, the stretching sounds a lot like what’s in SR20DET, combined with some mid/side distortion for the stereo texture (though that might be a separate sound).



I have no idea how you’d ever be able to tell if he synthesized it or someone else did (in the case of sampling), but it’s obviously resampled at the very least. You could easily make something similar with Vital, Phase Plant or literally anything you’ve got on hand. Just don’t stop until you dig the result :sunglasses:

It does sound vaguely familiar (I’m getting crack team intro vibes rn) now that I’m listening more, but you’d be surprised at the sounds you can make on your own if you just give it a shot.

I don’t use them very much in my workflow because they’re basic AF, but I almost wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t a simple stock Renoise instrument / sample. If you dig around enough, it’ll turn up. Also, Dogs on Acid can probably help you ID it if you’re determined to find the exact sound