(IDMf062) Forms: IDM Vol 1. ***Out July 24th!***


And here we are! on this Friday the next IDMf Netlabel creation is ready to meet the masses. Let us touch briefly on the title:

Forms: IDM Vol 1

Yes, we had quite a good discussion in the back room over these tracks, and combined with an ever lingering desire to keep IDM a consistent part of our release catalogue we are announcing with this release an intent to bring out a continuous series. Vol 2 has no set release date at this time, but worry not, you will be the first to know when we are ready for subs again.

So, enough of the preliminaries, here is what you have been waiting for: the track list!

  1. Make Us Whole - UNKNWN (@makeuswhole)
  2. arcsec - David Brown is on Altair 4 (@Redukt)
  3. All the Morphic Oceans - This is Our Road (@morphic)
  4. Dr Itchers - Dwayne Barton (@Gaki)
  5. RFJ - A Reflection (@RFJ)
  6. XVF - Manhattan Project (@bfk)

Congrats to all of you folks! (BTW if you have an issue with spelling or something, now is the time to ping @White_Noise without delay, he can still change metadata if needed)
To everyone who submitted, also a huge thank you! This track list was hard to make, as there were a lot of great submissions. In fact, one of the biggest reasons we decided to go further with more volumes in this concept of IDM comps was because of your quality submissions.

So go tell your friends, relatives and any sentient robots around, your parrot etc: IDMf062 is ready to go and will be waiting on Bandcamp for you as of this Friday!

EDIT: I had the long version of the title on there, we had decided to shorten it and I forgot to update my rollout infos. I fixed it now.



My panties were super wet waiting for this one. Stoked to hear everyones work, it’s going to be awesome! Congrats everyone! :slight_smile:



Awesome, thank you so much for putting this together. I’m really looking forward to friday, can’t wait to hear all of you guys tracks!




This is the glitch comp.? Congrats, look forward to hearing what the selection of tracks sound like



:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Super-stoked about this one and honored to be part of it! This is very cool indeed :black_heart:

@White_Noise - Could you please remove the capitals on mine so it is:

all the morphic oceans - this is our road

I actually don’t use capitals on purpose, it makes it more understated and flowing. At least in my head.

Also it would be great (if you haven’t done it already) if you could add the IRSC code: QZK7Y2000002

Thank youuuu and roll on Friday!!! :crazy_face:


Got it, will do. I already have the ISRC code in metadata, does it need to be in the filename as well?


Nope, metadata is fine. Thanks again!


Congrats to everyone who made the release. I’ve heard it and think it’s super solid all around. Creepr is correct, quite a bit of work went into this on the backend and I think it’ll definitely show when you hear it. And huge thanks as usual to @White_Noise for his stellar efforts mastering this for everyone. The release sounds great and he’s a big part of that!






Just a bit of the cover for you to whet your appetites:stuck_out_tongue::


ooo Shiny!