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In here, our @GuestJudge Spiffy Man will make a post announcing his picks for the House Album!
Oooo! It’s exciting!

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Seeing an update in this thread really got my hopes up…


Why is this happening? I keep getting my hopes up


Alright everyone! Here comes the big announcement! I’ll proceed to announce the winners with my thoughts on their respective tracks. The order holds no bearing on who was picked, just the order I did my notes.

Just as a kick background, I myself am a Progressive House producer who ties in my sidegig as a film composer into my tracks. I’m no stranger to also producing Techno, House, Deep House, Trance, Progressive Trance, Dubstep, & Minimal Bass.

Xi Tau - Left Behind

This track was quite beautiful to me. As a clear fan of spacial atmospheres and beautiful chord progressions, this one brought me back to some of my earlier days. Organization is key in to me and this track definitely fits the bill. The sounds blend nicely as arps pan as well as fade in and out whilst not distracting from the main melody presented by the bassy synth work.

Critique: On future tracks, really make the kick punch. If you’re worried about it being to hard for your gentle tones, I suggest layering. A good kick drum gets the song moving, a great kick drum bobs heads. Good job otherwise!

Creepr - It’s Insane

This definitely fit the genre of House to me. I hear the stabs reverb out and think of Jason Brooks’ Control The World, especially with the deep vocal coming in at one point. Subtle synths plucking here and there while the bass and kick maintain the bass makes for a smooth jam.

Critique: Another victim of my kick critique, this track definitely needs a more organic kick! Old school House from individuals such as Soul Providers used recordings of their own percussion to give life to the House genre that was loved by club goers in the earl 2000s. Continue to improve your EQ’ing of your percussive sounds. Great work!

In The AM - You Move 2 Me Too

I love when you people know the sound of House, and hearing your deep vocal tell me I gotta move had me grooving in the studio. It was excellently paired with your bass melody and the track never lost it’s energy. The panning and separation of your sounds really stood out to me as well. Groovy all the way through, man.

Critique: Definitely boost up the volume of the entire track in the master chain. That’s not to say just slap a compressor and limiter on their and call it a day, tinker with some EQ’ing over the master chain to adjust some mids and control your low end ALONG with some not-so-overbearing compression. All in all, I really loved this piece!

Sitechain - Alien Shores (feat. Leia Dellosa)

This song made me feel happy. I see a story here, an individual standing on what looks like a tropical but looks up at the blue sky to see a ringed planet where a moon should. Definitely my cup of tea. Somewhere between tropical and progressive, the track some fun movement with vocal chops coming in and out that make for a Nigel Good-esque feel.

Critique: The click-clack that’s pervasive throughout the track are borderline distracting to your beautiful tropical melody. Just lower a few db. I definitely dig this piece.

City At Worlds End - Neolite 21+

I love me that progressive house. Simple, at times repetitive and yet can be head bobbing piece with enough stuff coming and out to keep you distracted. Excellent use of risers for your transitions. At the 2:15 mark, I was like " Aww yisss."

Critique: The sound seems a tad flat, perhaps adjust the levels of your highs? I don’t know enough of everyone’s skill levels to give out crazy advice, I’d never want to offend anyone. But I feel EQ adjustment is all you need. Stellar piece, man.

ARJRA - We Are Alive

Beep. Boop. Beep Boop Boop Bop. This track has me movin’ side to side in my chair. Solid basslines complimented by a pointy synth melody got me here. What makes this stand out to me, however, is the different sounds doing their own things without cutting the others off. It’s beautiful, especially at 3:25 onward. That build back into your drop after that, awesome.

Critique: Build up the energy at the intro! Intro’s are key to setting the stage for your masterpiece. It takes a brave person to just throw it in there so suddenly and some people find that a tad off-putting. Build to that awesomeness, it only makes it that much more awesome. Love what you’re doing outside of that!

Flex Bormarr - Aperture

PLUCKS! ARPS! Is it Progressive Trance? Is it Progressive House? Let everyone else decide. To me, it makes for an awesome canvas to make something beautifully melodic and that sir is what you did. You left no space empty, that pad made sure of that without detracting from your arp. Good stuff.

Critique: Nothing wrong with lengthy tracks, but without new sounds coming in by various means it leads many to sort of get sleepy. Spice it up with reverberating risers, low pass white noise and such. Also, I’m a stickler for pianos and a piano without any reverb in a track where you have the majority of the empty space filled stands out a little to far. Sorry if I went in on ya there, I just want everyone to improve so I can hear more music! Great music outside of my mean little rant.

RFJ - Four By Afternoon

Thumping bass pluck? An artist after my own heart. A gentle melody sits on it nicely and the arps that come later help bring it together.

Critique: More hi-hat work, the track can do better with it. In my experience, experimenting with different hat samples and patterns and make your track more dynamic. Keep up the good work!

Well there you have it folks, you’re 8 winners. To anyone that want’s feedback on their tracks, feel free to PM through any means. I’m quick to answer! Sorry if I upset anyone with my comments, it’s never the intention. Thanks for participating!


@GuestJudge/spiffy man

Thank you for agreeing to be a judge for this release


@GuestJudge Thanks for doing this and thank you for the feedback and critique, much appreciated that you took the time! :smiley: Very happy you liked the Alien shores track!

Really looking forward to this release!


Stoked to be included with this stellar roster of IDMf Artists. Big thanks to Spiffy and the new Netlabel Team for putting this release together. Can’t wait to hear the final product.


@GuestJudge im glad you enjoyed my work man. Lots of great artists on this release, excited to hear the full thing!


Holy crap I made it on!:star_struck: Thanks for the stellar advice @GuestJudge! This community is all about feedback (Check out our Listening Booth) and there is nothing you said there that I think anyone will take any way but as you intended it. Feedback like this is a gift and we all appreciate it! I for one will definitely check out my kicks. House is not my usual genre but I had a lot of fun with this and will definitely try a few more tracks in the future. Cheers!


(city at worlds end here) - awesome write up @GuestJudge! It was a pleasure having some outside input and I give a solid thanks for you spending you time to participate in the event here :).

For me, house isn’t my mainstay. This was my first attempt, and I’m glad you found it rad! You have good criticism all around, and it’s really cool to read about your picks.

Cheers! :beers:


Thank you @GuestJudge for the hard work you do and for the time you put into this contest. And thank you for selecting my track!!!

Congrats to everyone else that was selected!


While waiting for this awesome release, you might like to check out this mix from 2017 I just uploaded to mixcloud:

All tracks in this mix were produced by IDMF members from the old board for “IDMF Club Bangerz”, the very first release of How Do Music, the IDMF Netlabel community spinoff started by Oatbag in the old forums! In terms of house-only compilations with IDMF musicians, this 2017 release should count as the direct predecessor to the upcoming Open House release and features a few artists that will be heard with new tracks on IDMF058! :smiley:

Or get the full release here:


I can’t believe that was over two years ago. Still trying to process that. Yep. yep…