IDMf058 Released!


We have let this baby free from it’s cage! Here you go, right at the top:
Curated, of course, by our @GuestJudge Spiffy Man​ who did an awesome job!

Check it on Bandcamp, check it on Sound Cloud, just check it!


More videos on their way on youtube! If you haven’t seen the others, check them out at:

Here is a preview video as made by our very own @metaside!





Looking forward to this.

Big thanks to the Netlabel Team for putting this together and all that went into organizing the guest judge.

Congrats all around!


WOW! great job guys.looking forward to this.


I can’t wait to listen to everyone else’s tracks


I can tell you; all the tracks on this are really good and a pretty wide range of House style in just 8 songs! :smiley:



Look forward to another video tomorrow, featuring one of the songs in full from the album!

Which one will it be?

Stay tuned in to find out!


Was a pleasure to listen to the tracks while doing the preview for this! Final masters by @White_Noise are even more delicious than what you hear in the preview btw! :smiley:

Please like and share the links guys! More plays and shares means more exposure for the artists!


Hey Hey, the second vid is up! This one highlights the track from Sitechain:

Also, for your listening pleasure, please stop by our SoundCloud and give the preview track a spin. Don’t forget, sharing is caring! (so repost the "§$% out if it)


And we are live with the release! See link in top post.


Nice job ya’ll. This is a really solid release and the multi media stuff (videos) is A+.


I made a wee post on r/idm for the release



Boots N Cats


The 2nd and last video for this release has been posted! Aperture by Flex Bormarr. Check it out:


So I’ve listened to this a bunch of times, every track on this is solid but I gotta say my favourite on the album is Sitechain’s track. The production is amazing!


I agree. @metaside Knocked it out with that one. Super great. Yours was also awesome @XiTau , as usual :wink:


Thank you guys, very happy you like it! :heart_decoration: I think your tracks and really all tracks on this turned out great! I also showed the release around a bit (a pro DJ included) and got only good feedback!

Also @XiTau completely agree with nostro, always looking forward to your tracks!


summer dance party!!! solid release guise


Hey @FlexBormarr, don’t know if you saw this, but the vid for your track is posted, and is really fantastic!