IDMf058 Album Title POLL CLOSED


Yep, I was just gonna not use that one if it won, on account of copyright and just generally not trying to be a thorn in someone’s side. With 18 options, 10 votes, and half of them to a single choice, I don’t expect it to change from here on. Prove me wrong guys.


My bad lol


Fuck Daft Punk. Imma see their robot asses in court.


Unsustainable Footprint has a wonderful lyrical rhythm.


Arbitrary Entry Recollection


Ok guys and gals, the votes are in and with 33% of the vote we have a winner! the IDMf058 House compilation will be titled: Open House!

Thanks for the ideas and thanks for the votes. Now all we need is a cover! Anyone inclined to make an entry should swing on over to the official thread here: IDMf058: "Open House" Album Art