IDMf056 - Date Nite - ***OUT NOW!***


A significant release with deep yet very engaging tracks. Crazy that it feels kinda consistent even though it’s a compilation of collaborations. All those chillstep tracks are delightful, especially the Aetheros x city at worlds end thing is absolutely mindblowing! I have listened to this a lot already, including working on the preview and single vids and still absolutely love it. Also, great mastering @White_Noise, really like that louder yet dynamic approach. Happy and honoured to be a part of this and thanks to everyone involved!


I have to say I’m impressed too. I said it elsewhere, but I think it bears mentioning here that I couldn’t be prouder of what the community has managed to put together here. This is community sourced art and tracks decided upon by the community, and it’s almost exactly the album I would have made (as far as my opinion matters). In short, I think this a great showing for the community vote and I’m surprised at how smoothly it all went. This is definitely an idea worth bringing back down the road.


Nice work everyone. Great release! Also honored to be apart of this.




I guess we’re just too hot to hold on to!
KMXT has bumped up the airing of IDMF’s Date Nite Album to 5/15 @ 5:00 AM GMT Time. Don’t miss out! Catch it on the live stream!
They’re going to play the whole album at the top of the show!




So proud to be a part of this awesome release. Big thanks to @nostromer for giving me the push I needed to finish my remix. Tons of great stuff on this comp, I’ll be listening to it for quite awhile.


Don’t miss out. The KMXT broadcast of IDMf’s Date Nite release is starting in 5 minutes!



Gratz on the release to all involved. Aiming to get a proper listen today. As usual, I always wait until I get some peace ‘n’ quiet to give it my proper attention :slight_smile:


I was actually to stream it for a moment. Sounded like they were playing it in alphabetical order. Wasn’t able to hear if it was an actual show with talking or just endless music but neat all the same.


I totally thought it was 5PM GMT, not AM. Totally missed out lol.

Checking in at 11AM here “oh it was last night”. Damn. I was literally sitting in the other room.

Bummer, was it cool?


It was pretty cool and we got a shoutout to our community and label, and a plug on their blog. :slight_smile:



FWIW: For our track, I recorded the voice of my neighbor, who is a 70 year old practicing psychiatrist. Late last year, she asked if she could use my studio to record a sort of self-hypnosis tape and I asked if, in return, it was okay if I used snippets of it for one of my electronic projects. She was super into it. She finally heard it this week and loved it.
At first, I thought using the samples felt a little too"Orbish", but once the track/mix started to come together I thought it was just what it needed to feel well rounded.

Side note, the mastering on this release was very well executed.


I definitely liked the vocal stuffs added. Worked really out nicely.

Also, speaking of our track… @nostromer


Finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing through. Very solid release. With ‘Xeno Lab’ and ‘Intrusion Detected’ being the stand out tracks for me personally.

Props to everyone involved who made this quality release happen.

Also, a small suggestion: if you want people who download the albums from Bandcamp to hear the tracks in the particular order that I’m sure you put some thought into, you should name the tracks starting with the track number. This release had the artist names first, so I basically heard it in whatever alphabetical order that happened to be.


I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure I did have the files named in that manner. You have to re-enter everything manually on bandcamp, so maybe I messed something up there. I’ll take a look this weekend.


Alright, here it is: the 2nd music video from the Date Nite release:

What an amazing piece of work. Great track, great vid. Thanks to @BBB for making this!


Great job on this fellas!! Very solid release for sure, congrats to all participants on all ends for making this happen.


Been listening to a track here and there since th,e release… finally had a chance to listen start to finish today with the family … it was a hit! My grandson kept asking me “who is this one?” on every track… so he pretty much knows all your artist names

Great piece of work all around… the collaborations all sound slick and sophisticated… the Mastering. The Art the burb… all very professional!.

Congratulations to the new team on your first project :clap::clap::clap::champagne::sunglasses:



It’s Valentines day guys, why not get some good tunes for your DATE NITE on?