IDMf056 - Date Nite - ***OUT NOW!***


It was pretty cool and we got a shoutout to our community and label, and a plug on their blog. :slight_smile:



FWIW: For our track, I recorded the voice of my neighbor, who is a 70 year old practicing psychiatrist. Late last year, she asked if she could use my studio to record a sort of self-hypnosis tape and I asked if, in return, it was okay if I used snippets of it for one of my electronic projects. She was super into it. She finally heard it this week and loved it.
At first, I thought using the samples felt a little too"Orbish", but once the track/mix started to come together I thought it was just what it needed to feel well rounded.

Side note, the mastering on this release was very well executed.


I definitely liked the vocal stuffs added. Worked really out nicely.

Also, speaking of our track… @nose


Finally got a chance to listen to the whole thing through. Very solid release. With ‘Xeno Lab’ and ‘Intrusion Detected’ being the stand out tracks for me personally.

Props to everyone involved who made this quality release happen.

Also, a small suggestion: if you want people who download the albums from Bandcamp to hear the tracks in the particular order that I’m sure you put some thought into, you should name the tracks starting with the track number. This release had the artist names first, so I basically heard it in whatever alphabetical order that happened to be.


I’ll have to double check, but I’m pretty sure I did have the files named in that manner. You have to re-enter everything manually on bandcamp, so maybe I messed something up there. I’ll take a look this weekend.


Alright, here it is: the 2nd music video from the Date Nite release:

What an amazing piece of work. Great track, great vid. Thanks to @BBB for making this!


Great job on this fellas!! Very solid release for sure, congrats to all participants on all ends for making this happen.


Been listening to a track here and there since th,e release… finally had a chance to listen start to finish today with the family … it was a hit! My grandson kept asking me “who is this one?” on every track… so he pretty much knows all your artist names

Great piece of work all around… the collaborations all sound slick and sophisticated… the Mastering. The Art the burb… all very professional!.

Congratulations to the new team on your first project :clap::clap::clap::champagne::sunglasses:



It’s Valentines day guys, why not get some good tunes for your DATE NITE on?


Remember, you can link past videos from past releases that are on YT. To maybe Garner some “join community” vibes. :smile:

I know when making the vid I did for Date Nite and Jazzyspoon’s and my track the purpose was adding a “join the community” at the end of the vid. It can still be used now. Was such a cool release. Even edited stuffs down to seconds may grab attention, nowadays.


The netlabel does have outside media for linking projects done generally by the community. Which is nice. I sometimes just go watch vids when I’m feeling nostalgic.


:drooling_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: gotta love that beautiful work on this. keep it up guys! <3