IDMf056 Date Night Art Work Voting CLOSED


Hello Everyone,

Here are the submissions for the Date Nite cover art. Keeping things somewhat anonymous, but many of these were already posted publicly by the creators. Have a look and have a vote. Remember there are FIVE sets of banners and covers so look at them all before voting. Ordering was done randomly (drawn from a hat). You CAN NOT change your vote after the fact so choose wisely.

Cover 1

Banner 1

Cover 2

Banner 2

Cover 3

Banner 3

Cover 4

Banner 4

Cover 5

Banner 5

  • Cover and Banner 1
  • Cover and Banner 2
  • Cover and Banner 3
  • Cover and Banner 4
  • Cover and Banner 5

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fantastic work all around! I love that we have so many options for this…each of these is definitely cover-worthy.


Thank you everyone for the votes!
Voting is now closed on the artwork. :slight_smile: