IDMf055 - Vlantis - Devil Dance ***Out Now***

The IDMf Netlabel is honored to announce our 55th release
Vlantis - Devil Dance
Out 03.27.19

  1. The Automatic Man
  2. Lucent Cutie
  3. The Holes in Our Eyes
  4. Those Crushing Days
  5. Hi no Tori

IDMforums 55th release, Devil Dance - is a masterfully crafted expression of self and songwriting mastery by long time IDMfer, Vlantis. Devil Dance brings to the forefront a unique mix of nostalgic alternative, new wave, and just a slight twist of old delta blues. The varied and dynamic set is a sonic experience proving that Vlantis at his absolute best here, throwing down immersive and carefully crafted lyrical narratives accompanied by delectable synths in an expansive and evolving composition.

Devil Dance is the music that you didn’t know you were missing. A powerful set that ventures deep into emotional vibes and melodic excitement.

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Watch this section of the forum for continuing updates and back catalog information

Devil Dance has been composed, produced, and mixed by Vlantis
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License


Yes, I’m in the privileged position of having gotten to hear this and I won’t say too much, but it was very enjoyable.

Vlantis knows how to kick it, dudes.


Stoked to have this finally released!

Big thanks to the new team for picking up where things left off, and BIG thanks to @RFJ, @relic, and @Auto-meh-geddon for approving this.

Biggest thanks to @RFJ, for convincing me to submit something for the 050 comp and encouraging me through the many versions of this EP that he listened to for probably over a year now.

Interesting choice of song for the preview, since it’s a bit different stylistically from the rest, but it works as a preview, since it’s the simplest. :+1:

Interested in hearing how this plays to the IDMf crowd.


Thrilled you were able to get this put together and out into the world man. It’s really such a great, unique release from beginning to end. It plays like a warm blanket you lost, forgot all about, then found again. You’ve done something special here that you should be proud of. Glad I was able to be a small part in getting it out to the world with you. Congrats man!

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Nice to hear something with vocals. You sound very Morrissey in this.


That’s awesome! Thanks!

Just wait! :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly such an incredible and unique piece of work from @Vlantis, can’t wait for the label to unleash this. <3

Can’t be long now… :drooling_face:

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Official release out now!

Been a minute now and I still have these tracks stuck in my head. Very catchy @Vlantis. Incredible work my man.

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I feel like it’s the cleanest I’ve heard from you so far; the vocals on this are deep and mixed awesomely, a true pop rock songwriter album. congrats rural man


Great songs and a lot of very catchy parts. I also hear a pretty big jump in the quality of production from your previous releases, Vlantis. Also very cool to see IDMf putting out stuff like this.

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Cool beans. I’ll definitely be checking this out soon. May even do some vintage Vlantis posing for nostalgia. Yea, you know what I mean.

not sure why but track 3 really resonates with me. It’s my favorite track. They are all unique and expressive in their own way. This thing just grows on me more and more… really good stuff vlantis. It really displays how much you’ve grown into this specific style.


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  • also the lyrics to that song kind of come off as sensually cannibalistic, in a psycho-sexual way. That’s rad. A+

(just my interpretation, I have a dark sense about me, hah)

Congrats to @Vlantis and the new label team. This is a hell of a release. Tasty tasty choons.


At first, my favorite song was Automatic Man, and I still like that music the most, but I think Lucent Cutie has better lyrics now and the whole song is just deliciously derisive of people who think their butts don’t smell.

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@Vlantis Very good work, my dude. Got to listen at work today. Me likey.


Thank you, guys!

These quotes make me happy. I kind of forget that I have a back catalog. It’s been a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the most personal of the bunch. I love your take on it.

I love this as well. It’s the opposite of my interpretation, but that’s the good thing about art and shit. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just finished listening… This album Rocks! :control_knobs::guitar::loud_sound::fire::notes::fire::musical_score::fire:

I was fortunate to hear a preview… Been looking forward to the release… the finished product is super clean and pro… the whole package, lyrics, composition, the harmonies in the vocals …( very tasty!) art work, the blurb … impressive!

Kudos to @Vlantis and to the new team at the helm! :clap::clap::clap:

Automatic Man sets the mood :robot:… the rest is a journey that stays true to that mood while exploring interesting and delightfully quirky ways to get there… cool :sunglasses: