IDMf051 Radiophile - Obscurity


We live in a time in which the entry point to making electronic music at home in one’s spare room is incredibly low—there have been consequences, however. One being there are now even more voices struggling to be heard, even more musicians trying to make it to the head of the pack.

Obscurity is an EP directly about this conundrum, it’s about accepting obscurity. “…if I’m going to lock myself in my studio every night and scream into the void, I might as well try to brighten the void up a little…” says Radiophile, the Dublin-based producer behind the Obscurity EP.

Like many of us, Radiophile has done a little bit of everything. From piano lessons at a young age, DJing, and live performance all while falling in and out and back into love with the process along the way.


released October 2, 2018

IDMf051: Obscurity
Composed by: Radiophile
Published by the IDMfNetlabel and
Released 2 October, 2018
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License