IDMf048 VA - Achluophobia IDMf Dark Techno


Born in the echoes of automobile factories in Detroit and exported to London and Berlin, Techno is a universal beat now danced to around the world. While the new IDMf Netlabel release, Achluophobia, calls itself “dark techno” it explores everything from Techno’s experimental glitches, to its black out party bangers, from chugging club grooves to shadowy dub explorations.

These songs are unique in that as much as the stay true to the incessant grooves of Techno, they take the time to explore the dark side of Techno timbres with synth sounds colder than deep space, undulating atmospheres, and echoscapes which are ocean deep.

With a huge roster of 20+ tracks by the best IDMf community artists, Achluophobia, satisfies both body and mind.


released November 23, 2017

Mastering by James Pingel.
Album Art: Dada Davros.