IDMf047 VA - Standing, Wave


Electronic music composition represents many different things. It represents different concepts, different styles, and different meanings to both listener and artist. In no greater way will life experience and influence come together to produce such a result as they do within the realm of creative discovery. With the eagerly anticipated release of IDMf047, the premier forum-based IDMf Netlabel returns with an eclectic compilation of 13 member submitted tracks. Each selection displays this concept of experience and influence with full force. From the ethereal and sometimes dark ambient glitch of Circus Of Mind, Algebraic, and Professureal, SmokeFades’s guitar laden epic, and ferocious breaks from Cameron and UcoB, here we present a solid return to a wider scope. This compilation represents the diverse user-base and the IDMforums as a whole. IDMf047 promises to be the guide on a journey through the minds of 13 artists while tapping straight into the heart of the listener. It is within this union that a record will remain after the last Standing, Wave.


released April 18, 2016

Mastering: Chase Dobson |
Artwork: Benwaa |
IDMfNetlabel Organized by the community
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License