IDMf043 RFJ - of Storybook & Sound


The IDMf netlabel proudly presents Of Storybook and Sound by RFJ, a five track EP that cleverly mixes minimalism and IDM with glitchy breakbeat rhythms and layers of darkness and mystery that seem to have characters all their own.

A girl’s voice can be heard in the opening track, her words echoing as she sees a light and exclaims “maybe they can help us”. The listener is cleverly kept at bay from the origin of such a story and is instead pushed by the music to create their own imagery and their own story. The girl, sometimes nearby, sometimes far away, continues to narrate throughout. Her voice cuts up, repeats and turns into mountainous echoes that continue to build over rolling glitchy drums and synths that crunch and glide.

Of Storybook and Sound can be both creepy and comforting at the same time, both homely and exotic, and with a strong sense of dynamic it stops and starts to make you listen. At points it makes you wonder what you’re really hearing, it makes you wonder what’s happening, but it doesn’t leave you frustrated like a cryptic puzzle or an unsolved mystery. of Storybook and Sound inflames the imagination and paints so many different pictures all at once.

In a “A Version Of Me”, RFJ takes us on a trip that is just as personal and as thought provoking as this release. Talking us through his own personal journey into darkness and back into light culminating in these tracks as an aural archive of that journey.

*Bonus PDF “RFJ - A Version Of Me” with full album


released January 26, 2014

Vocals on tracks 1-4 CDJ
Vocals on track 5 CDJ / IFJ
All tracks written and produced by RFJ
Mastering: Ben “Benwaa” Walthew
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License