IDMf038 VA - Change The Noise


Dark experiments in sampling, audio manipulation and black magic - Change the Noise is a compilation of six tracks made solely from two sample packs. The first sample pack is a collection of various resonances recorded from the Menai Suspension Bridge in Wales. The second sample pack, Organic Adventures, is various foley recorded in a forest by IDMf’ers Mischjok and FunkMasterBrown.

The sampled nature of the release makes for a different set of sounds than most will be used to. With conventional synthesis techniques prohibited, most of these songs eschew conventional melody in favour of interesting rhythms, textural sounds and a strong percussive element. Seriously, the kick drums made from these samples will happily punch a hole through your chest.

Change the Noise pushes towards the loud, aggressive side of the IDMf catalogue. Put your earphones away and forget about laptop speakers; set up your subs and turn up the volume - this one will shake your walls in a big bad way!


released February 4, 2013

Netlabel organized by the community
Artwork by Scyn
Mastering by Ben “Benwaa” Walthew -

Thanks to audio damage, fab filter, u-he and cloudkillers for their sponsorship, also to everyone else that contributed samples and photos
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License