IDMf034 VA - 80Hz Sacred Surplus


After months of cold weather theres a rumbling in the air warming us all up!!
IDMf Netlabel is proud to present this compilation featuring the very best music from the IDMf bass community. There’s something for everyone in here from deep ambient Bass warblings to floor killing DnB, Dubstep, breaks and of course IDM!
Showcasing talent familiar to the label and new artists alongside this is one hell of a heavy release, so set your subs to max and warn the neighbours - The IDMf Bass crew is here!

released April 14, 2012

Project organizing by Aaron King & Ben Walthew
Art by Wes Schwarz (CalypsoB)
Mastering by Ben “Benwaa” Walthew
IDMfNetlabel Managed by Aaron King & Ben Walthew
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License