IDMf031 VA - Atra Aeterna / The Black Fog EP


Atra Aeterna will be no stranger to fans of melancholic cinematic inspired electronica, having his first release on the IDMf Netlabel imprint on the now classic IDMf003 - Mind Tree compilation.

Atra Aeterna is the solo musical project of Zack Mitchell, who creates haunting, cinematic pieces that blur the lines between electronic and classical music.
The Black Fog is no exception to this melancholic yet highly evocative style, eerie melodics and a melody to die for, this is a trip into a beautiful scene of emotion.
With remixes from IG88 in his tripped out style with added vocal highlights, to the electronic minimalistic soundscapery of Automageddon, alongside more upfront pieces form Eode and Stereoglyph this is one amazing release showcasing the RAW talent of all involved.
As a special bonus - Atra Offers up an acoustic version of The Shadowlands taken from his album Machinations available here


released December 3, 2011

Project organizing by Aaron King & Ben Walthew
Art by Atra Aeterna
Mastering by Ben “Benwaa” Walthew
IDMfNetlabel Managed by Aaron King & Ben Walthew
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License