IDMf027 VA - NCThompson / Keep In Touch


DMf027-S NCThompson – Keep in Touch

Following in the tradition of Length in Brecht /remixed/, Circle When Remixed, and the God Tank release, IDMf introduces NCThompson into the single/remixes library. Included in this release is the original track, along with remixes by three prominent artists from the netlabel: IG88, Jazzyspoon, and Aaron Goodwyn. Each reinterpret the track and incorporate their own distinctive styles, helping toward making a diverse and well-rounded release.


released July 19, 2011

Original material by NCThompson
Remixes by IG88, Aaron Goodwyn, Jazzyspoon
Cover art: Joe Thompson
Mastered by: Jazzyspoon
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License