IDMf022 tuneboxii - Melodic Meanders EP - OUT NOW

Continuing on with our celebration of the back catalog the IDMf Netlabel brings you -

**IDMf022 Remastered: tuneboxii - Melodic Meanders EP

Released 27th of April, 2024

Originally released on May 29, 2011, the Melodic Meanders EP stands the test of time. As part of our retrospective celebration, @tuneboxii has remastered his original creation for its 2024 re-release. True to its name, this EP immerses listeners in a world of melody and machinery. tbxii’s signature sound is an enticing fusion of wub bass synths and intricate clicky percussion, crafting a sonic realm that feels both celestial and rooted. This realm blends cyclic vamping with melodic tinkering, intertwined with glitched dub bass elements, hinting at a genre that bridges dubstep and IDM. With a knack for introspective counter-melodies and a subtle, wistful undertone, tbxii’s music conjures the sensation of navigating a contemplative journey through a digital dreamscape.

And, yes…we’re still listening.

Opening track preview video:

Track List

  1. Momentum
  2. Twoside
  3. Channel 27
  4. Switch Glitch
  5. Melancholy Static
  6. Many a Melodic

IDMf022 Remastered: tuneboxii - Melodic Meanders EP
Original Works Composed & Mixed by Richard Hughes
Remastered by: Richard Hughes

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you had to edit a post twice for a gif? :laughing:

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I got systemmsg’d for it and had to admin approve my own post, was weird

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Hey @everyone.

I encourage you to check out this latest release and also @tuneboxii’s latest music under the moniker “henotik”

Thank you to Rich for playing, and we will see you again on the next one :wink:


Really grateful for all your efforts and support, guys! :hugs:


Boxii your avatar is basic af please upload a picture or something jesus christ

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wishing the best with your release :metal:t5:


Listening now… on track 3 What a TRIP!

Lots of interesting ideas, super clean production great energy! :sparkles::zap::comet::boom::fire:

Just finished EXCELLENT! :star_struck:

Love the build and the journey on each piece, well crafted composition and arrangements. :clap::clap::clap:

I was especially impressed by the melody in Harmonic Minor that appeared after the intro in Melancholy Static, love the “variations on a theme” effect. That and the harmonic progression in Many a Melody shows that you are not just a Knob Twiddler. :sunglasses::v:

Truly Masterful :+1::sparkles: