IDMf006 IG88 - Mutual Mastication


For the IDMf Netlabel’s second solo release comes IG88′s Mutual Mastication LP, a melodic delight filled with organic-sounding synths sweeping across an ocean of deep rhythms. The ambient textures of this album will leave the listener both happy and melancholic even after listening to it for the fiftieth time, as they will discover new layers to behold in each track — sounds which will echo in their minds as they continue their day. If the weather in Seattle made music…

Mutual Mastication also includes a remix of “Nebulous Eyes” by Halogen (IDMf, Maternity).


released October 1, 2009

Written and produced by IG88
Executively Produced by Wayne Baker
Mixed and mastered by Wayne Baker (Fidelium) except for “Technicolor Yawn” (Mixed by Nathan Schwartz, mastered by Wayne Baker)
Album art by Evelon and Scotti Wilson

Other credits:

Bass on “Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision”, “Bathing in Blindfolds”, and “An Ice Cube’s Sunrise” by Ricky Wilson (Bassist for Sigmoid Argonaut)
Vocals on “Nebulous Eyes” by Patrick Baker
Guitar on “Music for Marshmallows” by Atoms of an Addict
Released by the IDMfNetlabel under a Creative Commons License