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i am looking into the wiki feature that is part of discourse. it seems you can turn a post into a wiki post or something along those lines. i dont know much about it atm but i am hitting google as i type, so if anybody already knows something about it your input would be appreciated.

i am also going to use this post to test things, so it might get a bit weird, but this is IDMF, weird is good.

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it seems my trust level is not high enough to make the post a wiki yet (by default its trust level 3). i will try it out when my level is higher. admin can change it though, so feel free to play with this post in the mean time.

here is some info:
what is a wiki post?
how to create a wiki post

the way it seems to work to me atm is that each post would be like a single wiki page, so for us to create an archive of resources we would need, for example, a post for compressors, a post for EQ, etc, all within a sub forum.

that’s interesting, a post any asshole can edit sounds like a great idea

you would need to be high enough trust level to edit posts. the trust settings can be modified by admin.

i think it would be great to have a sub forum with a load of wiki entries for various terms, kind of what the A to Z was on the old forum, but this time it would be the community that add to it.
im happy to get the ball rolling and start posting in there using the A to Z as a template, which will get it off to a solid start.
people will most likely troll it a bit, but if there is a trust level requirement then i think it will be used for a joke but quickly repaired. most people here like a laugh, but they are not pricks.

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I agree with this. And seeing each day bring over someone or several from the old forum. Which in and of itself will be majority of the forum population at any given time, I don’t foresee at least in the near future a blatant troll post that is closed but not deleted. I’m sure we can all agree that we like nice things.

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Hey man. I will look into getting you permission to mess w the wiki stuff. It might be next week. Feel free to remind me via DM. Out of town @ a craft show for my retail job.


sounds cool, the wiki can be a resource i.e. like electromass’s resampling paper and it makes it easier to find certain information, and there should be some restrictions as to who can access it so that it doesn’t turn into something like idmf’s version of urban dictionary…50% will probably be about how to synthesize/mix a fat bass but it will save space and prevent forum clutter


@relic: would be nice if the old guard would be accorded some trust level to reflect they’ve been around for a bit

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I’d argue that we are the least trustworthy



Uhhh, huh huh

Ill defo bring it up w the admin team. We are working mostly with the default settings right now, s no insult intended. And I think it is a great idea to give some vets a little wiggle room for community projects purposes.

that would be awesome. if you can set up a sub forum for it too (what would we call it???) then i will start making entries.

@parricide: What would you use it for? Not sure I understand the point of a mega post that can be edited by multiple people.
Not saying we don’t need it, I just don’t understand it yet

im picturing a sub forum with a load of entries explaining what things are. for example, there might be a thread called “compression”, which would contain a wiki explaining what compression is, how to use it etc.
not necessarily limited to explanations and definitions though, there are probably other things that would fit in there.

the community could add their own entries if something was missing, or edit entries to add/remove things or make changes to improve accuracy. it would be the strong points of everybodys knowledge all brought to one place to be used as a reference for people when they need answers.


@parricide I will look into if it is possible…and I feel it might be…to create am experimental wiki thread that just the admins mods and few interested community members can see.

That way we can make decisions on how to use it in the best way for this community.


IDMf artist bio would be rad and very wiki worthy in my opinion. Parricide has made a valid point with it doubling as a knowledge base for techniques, applications, and certainly the gear used.

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that would be great. give me a chance to populate it with some stuff to get it started too

I also support this idea, a neatly organized easily searchable wiki would be a great addition. Each release / artist could have info on there, links of which could also be put on the bandcamp releases. That would be sweet. A good way to encapsulate everything. Nice.

the search function here is pretty good too, it should make searching in there very easy

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ive been typing up a list of entries and getting some ideas on how to link it all together. the list is HUGE so far and im not even close to finishing :smiley:

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