IDMf Versus Series

Announcing an all new community collaboration event!

IDMf Versus Series provides a unique opportunity to team up with other forum members in a collaborative remix-based production. The concept behind this series is to produce dueling remixes derived from two original tracks, in the way of a 4-track EP (see Rules).

I will preface this by saying any finished material produced by members with the intent of becoming an official release have no guarantee of acceptance by the team, and will still need to undergo an approval process to ensure the release is aligned with the Netlabel’s vision and quality standards. Currently the mod team is open to the potential for making these official releases, so let’s make sure we are on our top production game!

The Rules:

  1. The Versus series releases will be based around the structure of a 4 track EP, unless there is a desire to do a 3-way split, or 4-way. The idea is to provide your versus partner with one unreleased song (full stems), and vice versa. You will both remix each others original track, resulting in two original singles, and two remixes.

  2. Mastering is open to be executed by either contributing artist, or a third party if requested. Contact @White_Noise for inquiries. Anyone else open to providing mastering services is appreciated, chime in and I can add you to the chart. All the same submission standards of providing a -6db zero compressor/limiter high quality wav file to the mastering technician hold true.

  3. You can provide your own artwork, which must be at minimum 1400x1400 resolution. Currently I am the only member offering design services, and if you would like me to conceptualize some artwork PM me and I’m happy to help. Any other members offering this service, chime in and I can tag update this with your tag.

  4. The remix track titles are to be in the format of “Artist vs Artist - [track name Remix]” - but this is flexible. Let me know if you guys have a better idea.

As each release will have to undergo a judging process, a release schedule isn’t really quantifiable. As of now, I am currently spearheading this event and will act as the middle man between submissions and the moderators.

I consider this event page to be an open forum to talk about plans, pitches, and collaboration chat. If you are currently working on any versus release, do not post them for feedback. These tracks should remain private between the artists until it has been submitted to the label for consideration.

Here’s how to get started:

Once you and your versus partner agree to work together and have a concept to pitch, message me and I will add you to the chart. Provide the following information:

  • Estimated time frame of completion. This will be pivotal in knowing how we might be able to submit these to the label and fit them in some sort of unknown release window if it gets approved. I know IRL shit happens all the time and collabs drop off, so try to not extend your production window longer than 3 months after confirmation.
  • What genre and concept you are shooting for, so we can track what the style and scope of music is being worked on.
  • If you want artwork or mastering services or if you will be providing your own.

This event is only drafted at the moment and in the early stages itself, so everyone drop some feedback and ideas for how this can evolve, and I’ll keep updating this as it moves along.

I will also be updating this page with a full list of ongoing releases, as well as members offering mastering and artwork services.

Let’s get to it!


I am interested in submitting some unfinished track ideas I have.
I think people could do tons with them, I am just not in the writing mode right now.
I know it probably goes against the rules, but if I could I would throw in some stems but I can’t commit to doing a remix of someone else’s track.
Keen to see where this goes tho.

I wanna do a techno remix of @bfk beat battle 91 submission

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So @bfk hosted BB91. Which track are you talking about? I will revise this, sorry man, I didn’t make the rules as clear as i should have, but on point #1, it states:

The songs in question need to be unreleased, and private until consideration by the Netlabel. The versus remixes are in the vain of a concept 4-track EP. Two people exchange stems from two original songs, resulting in a 4 track EP. Beat battle tracks and any music shared publicly with the community are not to be considered.

Versus series is to put (a minimum) of two artists together, that remix eachothers finished track. Committing to do a remix of that partner’s track is half the battle :slight_smile:

Providing stems to a work in progress without bandwidth to remix another users song isn’t aligned with the vision of this event, but that’s super cool you have some stems to remix with as we are stem-hungry fellows, you should definitely post them in another thread :slight_smile:

@metaside are you still down to do the versus? Let’s talk :slight_smile:

@Fidelium vs @_ms what about you guys?

For sure, love the idea! From my viewpoint, it would be good to have lots of time with it to make something really good - also because I have lots of stuff to do right now for work and some other projects, so I might not be able to meet specific deadlines right now, but I will surely do my best to make a good contribution to this good project in time! :smiley:

If someone would like to do something similar to this, but without the burden of HAVING to release the material if we felt it wasn’t working, I’d be game for that.

A lot of my stuff flies close to being unlistenably muted and boring, and, I suppose what I mean is depending on the intended “effect” of the end track, I might be a frustrating producer to work with.

I don’t know where fid is and what he’s up to.

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im taking a short sabbatical from making chunes…so yea…i’m out

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sometimes it’s good to take those breaks. I do them for months at a time every now and again haha. Hit this up when ya get back to business mayne :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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yeah i’m down, i need something to do.