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Those are awesome photos! I’ve always loved space, astronomy, Being a Trekie, member of the Planetary Society, Sci-fi buff.

I’m tempted to make a shameless plug for my recent Soundscape “Space Audacity.” Especially since it was instigated by competition on the old forum.


I’m keeping an eye on New Horizon’s flyby of the most distant object ever visited by a man-made probe. Very interested to see what comes out of it as the flyby of pluto was a revelation.

I think we also had Voyager II get into interstellar space this year, so that’s some other distant news.


Wow! This thread is as interesting as an issue of Planetary Report… and far more entertaining.

Thank you all


im still holding my breath for warp drive travel to be available to the public.


ouch. I think we really need antigravity for that to happen, and for antigravity to happen, we need to be able to reliably detect the gravity from people, planes, and boats inside the gravity well of earth for purposes of warfare. Since everyone loves stealth so much and being able to sense the gravity distortions caused by the mass of anything designed for stealth today would immediately invalidate every stealth option every nation has, that’s what’s going to start the big investment in researching anti-gravity. We’re starting to get there, reliably detecting very large gravity events from great distances, and I believe britain has a prototype they want to use to detect the gravity distortions from nearby planes. As that stuff ramps up, we get the investment into DARPA and the like to find some sort of gravity cloak, which I believe is going to take anti-gravity to make work in some fashion. From there, you can start to apply it to other things, like aerospace.


Well… at least the path to success is clear. It appears I was worried for nothing


Here is little project funded by a private space advocacy group… the Planetar Society. I’ve been a member since it was started in 1983.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!:boom::confetti_ball::clinking_glasses::loud_sound::musical_score::clap:


I had no idea China was doing this, it’s kind of nuts (in a good way).



Space force another branch of the military…and spacex




I get it… it’s true and it’s interesting… but it’s not “entering”… it already IS in our solar system.

Why do journalists think they can report on any subject without even boning up on the basics? No wonder people don’t trust the media…


You know, I was gonna go with the Anton Petrov vid about it, not sure why I felt the need to scroll down to this one


I clicked on it before seeing it here… interesting story… but with a click bait title that leans on sensationalism more than fact… :man_facepalming:

I’m a sucker for anything space related :fire::zap: :rocket: :crescent_moon: 🪐 :alien::sparkles:

Thank you for sharing :pray:


Bezos rocket…

Starbucks in space


Back as far the 80’s It occurred to me that the people who would commercialize space would be the same people who created Vegas… basically turning a hostile environment into luxury.

Not their yet… but in the meantime they are bringing “The Moon” :crescent_moon: to the Strip.

For sure they will miss the irony in that they are creating a “Moonscape” in an Air Conditioned Environment… when they could dispense with building anything and just walk out into the desert for a very “Moonlike” experience…

Hard to believe that “Vegas Moon” will be popular… already people are speculating that it will have no atmosphere :sunglasses::sparkles::crescent_moon:


Dart program.

Dart to deflect asteriods headed for earth.

If it works.

My prayers have been answered.


Can you make them come to my house instead for party purposes? :slight_smile: the FART program (Flinging Astroids Really Tight)