IDMf Podcast?


Could be a cool idea to have a podcast… even if it was once a month, or quarterly. Kind of discuss the latest releases, bring the artist on and talk about it… Might be a fun chance to discuss the album itself, the production, and also promote the forum. Maybe just keep a podcast episode limited to each new release, even, to begin with.

Not outside my capability to host something like this, anybody have an interest in this kind of thing? I think it’d be really cool and give the forum more of a community personality.


I love the idea. But there needs to be motivated people to set up and make it happen. I am game…


A mod has spoken to me in private about wanting to do more interviews. I think it just depends on if the artist in question is interested. Podcast format would be awesome, and not too hard to do.


Homestly anything like this I say take it straight to community projects and just do it. Start the convo :). I think the current admin team is much more in favor of community projects and as some people have suggested I’d like to see that part of the forum gain momentum and become more of a feature here.

Anything that proves itself over time Im happy to try work with people and and try if we can to make things more official quote unquote