IDMf Open Genre Comp Cover Art Poll - CLOSED


Hey all, you know the drill (Not the drill! Ahhhh!) Vote for your fave. Voting will close in a week.
|scroll to see poll




Can you replace mine with the newer version?


as soon as I get home, yes. :slight_smile:


Hey all, I cannot change the poll, so please refer to the new Vlantis pic above and this one from Radiophile that he updated to make it 100% more square:


Ok, a week has gone by, the votes are in, and with better than half the votes @Vlantis is our winner! Congrats! There is not an official release date yet, but we are getting close. Keep your eyes here in the Netlabel section for updates.


Super cool artwork Vlantis. You and bbb were my favs


edit: not a real website lol