IDMf Live Set & Live Jam Thread


Saw it in the hard ware thread…thought why not…

No rules…
Just idmfers recording their jam sessions/live perfomances for fun.

Have fun and make music



I’ve done a few of these, but I don’t think anyone here was really all that interested :slight_smile:

I had a little more luck on Twitch and just inviting people to watch, TBH. Obviously I’d be super interested in other people posting stuff like this on here though, so I fully support this!


I’d be interested in playing along as a collab with someone.


Not really sure how it is done.
I did something with a guy using ninjam and reaper once.


Jamolus seems to get decent reviews.

I’m up for posting short live jams, they might be boring though…


The problem is that my current liveset is about triggering clips and moving a crossfader every now and then, hardly exciting stuff…


While I’m off to a fabuuuulous start (not really) this is supposed to be my year of live jam videos. I will do my best to post something…anything…somewhere…anywhere…on the forum. Maybe here lol.


Its The sounds that come out of knob twiddling…
That make it interesting…also midi instruments…see guy jumping into a pool after making a beat.


You don’t want what comes out of my knob from twiddling! But may enjoy what I do with a pot/ potentiometer :wink:



Enjoyed it. Loved the sound design. Was able to hear all the textures on my phone.

Only feedback I would of slightly Sidechained the glitched hat layer but it’s so minor that sidechaining a drum layer can be ignored.

Good liveset/jam session.



This was really cool!
Great jamming setup you got there!


Fabulous. I love the Progressive House/Techno feel to this.

Besides the 1010 Bluebox might have to take a serious look at the Blackbox too.


Thanks for the comments guys. Really enjoying this setup here. The NDLR really opens things up on the playability front. Being as I’m not a theory expert and loathe programming progressions on step sequencers it really ticks the boxes.

@bfk yeah I agree with the ducking on the glitch stuff. However with this setup, sidechain compression would be difficult. I think the hats and glitch are just a tad too loud. Bringing them down a couple db would likely solve it.

Thanks again for the feedback guys.

Who’s next up with the jams?


Ill get a demo of what I have been working on recorded tomorrow.