IDMf is shall rise again!

FWIW, I only read this, didn’t watch the video. But if this is true, could bode well for the site going forward. And also that means this place has been around long enough to see the rise and potential peak of social media, and is well positioned to survive any fall. I just thought that was really cool and a testament to how healthy this place is even if we don’t think of it that way every day.

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All your IDMf are now belong to us.
True about the retreating to smaller communities, I see that behaviour in myself.

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I definitely see it. Personally, about a year ago I quit all social media and thats when I ended up returning to the forum mostly. I’d much rather chat music and bullshit with a community nearly all anonymously under monikers than see IRL drama from people I know personally.

Social media isn’t even that good of a promotional tool for music anymore, the way things have gotten.

IDMf > All


As I think I about it, I see this for myself too. Since I found this place a few years back, it’s by far my best promotional outlet and the coolest place for me to be. Only possible exception is some of the sub communities I’m in on Discord, though that’s kind of a different bag.

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I broke instantramennoodlefacebookgram I posted a picture of me cooking on Facebook and updated my status accordingly with a selfie on Instagram into the 9th circle of hell I go along with the social media troll factories and advertising companies data mining using data from social media, I’ll VPN my VPN to VPN my VPN so that the NSA can still find me through the all knowing Google search engine that is brahman, hey wait a minute wtf the hindu religion has foretold all this, anyways moral of story always is a bacon cheddar cheese mcrib

Seriously though I’m glad face space snapchat kik instantgrahamcrackers Twitter aka social media was just a fad

But Vines will be forever rite?

@RFJ introduced me to a cool “community” of people doing 1 min hardware jams on Instagram. But yea. Mostly Garbage. Im an old school forum nerd from way back …first joined all text BBS style forums on Compuserv when I was really young. Also MUDs.

You guys are pretty cool. The orange is very inviting. I dig the music. Let’s kick out some jams.


I never left forums.

My first go-to is to always look for a forum. If I can’t then I slump over to Facebook and look at groups.

I hate FB style communities because it has no memory of itself. There’s no easy history. It’s very vaporware style of conversation.

Forums are better because there’s an indexed library of community identity and knowledge.


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agreed- idmf is far more interesting than anything on fb- i abandoned fb a couple years ago and since have not even missed it. idmf content wise is god tier and untouchable (in a good way lol) so this time we can swap ideas and concepts on how we want OUR community run. i’m really proud of the work that was done by all the mods over the past few years. an incredible task that takes a boatload of dedication and time. good work everyone on developing the netlabel & forum further. it’s beautiful


Idmf fuck yeah

Funny how much like the future this place sounds already. I’d say though, that we flip the news process on it’s head by having a conversation and then going out and finding the information that informs that conversation, rather than letting the information guide it. But, for specialist news and knowledge like this place, I think that’s perfect.

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Not if the forum eats itself.

And I don’t really do much on social media. Randomly post on my FB, here and there. More just read through my wall looking for funny shit. And then go down those holes with other videos.

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man im glad i brought my catch rag!

Someone needs to keep drip feeding retards about buying likes on soundcloud instead of having all of the future famou5 music makers join here and start laying down the spam in the LB. Once they catch a whiff of this old school forum technology they’re going to lose their goddamn minds

Actually though we will have all moved back to the classic rock sound at that point in time so it won’t matter

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