IDMF Animation - Intro/outro video clips for community projects

Hey community,

here is a 19 sec animation for any community project to use for intros and outros of releases, previews, podcasts or whatever else you might need it for:

Some of you may already know this from the Kallisti videos and previews. It has a few different parts that can be separated, isolated or remixed. I think I originally made it for the podcast project started on the old forum before The Fall IIRC. Feel free to use it for any IDMF-related project and to modify the video and audio in any way that makes sense to you.

However, please only use for IDMF stuff or give some form of credit to me and/or IDMF (whatever makes sense in the context) if you use it for different projects.

[Edit: It is not a big file but I might have to take it down at some point for collab project uploads.]

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Nice, thanks.
Can’t play it in the browser but was able to download it.

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I tried to check it out… like you said “can’t play in the browser…”

I can’t figure out how to download it…?

Somehow that video can’t be embedded, here is the link as plain text:

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Thank you!

Cool… reminds me a bit of the old DOLBY clip.

I like when the “D” drops out for a bit… helps to enhance the remaining letters… if you know what I mean…:grin:

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Great job with this - looks really, really good! And oh, cool sound design :wink:

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If you want dropbox to embed (in Discourse software forums, anyway), then you just need to add ?dl=1 to the end.
Note that if you either omit the ?dl= section, or leave it at ?dl=0, then it won’t play from embed properly, but instead just show the shell (at best).
So your code that you would paste into your post would be:

Which would result in (results of play quality will vary browser to browser, and some mobile browsers may be boggy):


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Awesome, thanks man! :smiley:

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Nice man, thanks for the share!

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