IDMf 061: Triangulation - Recurve Device Complex - OUT NOW


Good weekend ladies and gents, we’ve been cooking up a new release for you with lots of help from our own @Tsachi. I’ve been looking forward to this release for months, and it’s only the first of many single-artist releases we’re working on right now. We have it available right now on Soundcloud, Audius, and Bandcamp, so pick your poison and enjoy!



Woohoo it’s out! Thanks to the team for accepting my work and putting up with the long wait for art. Hope y’all enjoy!


Great work Tsachi! and thanks to WN for getting this one posted.


goood shit!



Very experimental.


haiill yea this is sick!


Hell yes; great job man! Androgynous is still my favorite; always made me think of 2 completely non-human robots communicating while flying through the voids of space. Honestly the final art by Lewis Taylor works SO MUCH better for this than the art idea you commissioned me to make for you.


Just gave this my second listen. Really good stuff and nice idiosyncratic sound design in all three parts! Digging the crisp beats in the mission tracks, but first track with the otherwordly vocals is really something else - nice work!


Danke :3