Idmf 057 - radiophile - serrated love - out now!

IDMF is proud to release its 57th album by community artist @Radiophile, titled SERRATED LOVE.

Check it out now on Band Camp!…/idmf057-serrated-love

“Serrated Love EP is a slower, more down tempo affair, melodically driven and starting from relatively normal but pushing it to slightly more left field, weirder direction as it progresses through”

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wow! very nice!!

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Hey, waking up to this on my side if the world. Nice feeling i must say. Fair play to the IDMF team, they turned this around fast. Well oiled machine at this stage.

Anyways looking forward to hearing thoughts on it. Ill be lurking!


Hey, got to listen last night, I gotta say I think track two was my favorite on your last album and you did it again here. More of that 2nd track magick please.

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Hey thanks man. 2 was the first track on this ep i created actually.

Not sure the significance of that.

But the kind words are defintley welcome !