IDMF 057 - Artist Radiophile New Album Released


Well, what a wonderful surprise!
Fellow IDMF community artist @Radiophile will be releasing their latest EP on the IDMf Netlabel JUNE 29TH!!

We’ll keep everyone up to date with the posting of the album!
For now, here’s a sneak peak of 1 of the 4 videos made by @Radiophile for this release!

As an aside note: The House album with the guest judge, previously numbered 057, has now been renumbered to 058.

IDMF Netlabel



Thanks Jayson/IDMF team

Looking forward to reaction on this one!




Oh for fuck’s sake, one gets distracted a second and bam, another release!


It’s like we’re Marvel movies or something. lol



Cool. @Radiophile your last release definitely grew on me. Looking forward to this surprise drop.


And here we are! A sneak peak video from the upcoming release SERRATED LOVE by IDMF Community Artist @Radiophile

Tell us what you think of this Amazing Video! Who is this guy? What’s he all about? Will we see more of the story? (spoiler: YES!)

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IDMF Netlabel


Very chilled and deep track, really digging it! And awesome work on that video!


Hey thanks dude. Hope some of the rest of the tracks float your boat too.




Don’t Miss It! June 29th!


IDMF Netlabel