IDMF 056 Date Nite - Releasing Soon


Turn the lights down low. Break out the candles. Consider combing your hair. Because soon, very soon, it is time for the IDMF Date Nite!

This thing is going to go down as a classic. 8 collab tracks representing the best of the IDMF community. The netlabel team has been blown away by the quality of these tracks; each melding the styles of both contributing artists into a blissful embrace of freaky beats, sensuous melodies, and big, thick bass. My, it’s getting hot in here…

If you just can’t wait to get your musical mack on, why not make a move on a few of our previous releases? #Bandcamp&Chill



Hey there fellow IDMFers. You all have been behavin’ so well we figured you deserve a sneak peak at what’s in store for you on Date Nite. So here you go cowboys and cowgirls, you can look but you can’t touch:

Ætheros x city at worlds end - Xeno Lab 2122
Jazzyspoon x CyberX - Collective Dissonance
Xi Tau x InTheAM - Naiad
Qianta x Metaside - Chill Faster
city at worlds end x Metaside - Intrusion Detected
XVF x city at worlds end - Ides of Your Ecstasy
Metaside x Confused Muse - This Torsion Failing
CyberX x Xi Tau - Webway

(Also, if any of these artists have any need to correct spelling, capitalization, name arrangement etc now is the time before this baby gets chiseled into the metaphoric stone of the track metadata)
!!!As per WhiteNoise’s comment below, PM his directly if you have any changes you need made!


Finally, a track listing!

And this might be a dumb question but shouldn’t the remixes, assuming mine isn’t the only one, be named artist - song (remixer)? It was Xi Tau’s track Webway.

Err also, my artist name is Cyber X, with a space.


At least for the tracks I was a part of - I put the “remixer” as the artist name that came first.

So (Remixer X artist - track)

To keep all of the artist names relevant to the ones that were true back and forth, so everything is artist X artist :slight_smile:


I thought it had a _ my first try, but then I thought it looked wrong. We’re getting there now!

And as for the remixes, I’ll talk it over with the team, it seems we have yet to agree on the way the list is now or a () after the track name for listing remixes.

BTW, I have seen bbb’s comment, but I and I alone am responsible for the filenames and metadata. So if you want something changed, be sure I see it by PM’ing me directly. I may or may not see your correction if you post it in this thread.


No worries. I definitely want Xi Tau to get the credit for his original track/idea/project, what have you.

And I actually took the artist x artist - track name as proper original collabs.


also, forgot to mention during the submissions, minor detail but the track is ‘The Webway’ instead of just webway