[IDM] Guy Wachtel - Nanostructures

Not necessarily new, but now that I put it back up on streaming services, I figured I’d make an official IDMF shameless plug for my first album, Nanostructures.

You can find it on the main streaming services as well as Bandcamp, where you can pay what you want for it (if you like it and want to support me in my future endeavors) or download it for free.


Apple Music:



Already purchased. Fantastic album! I love the vibe, the track names, the mood, and the theme. I plan on posting a review on Bandcamp, but I haven’t decided on my favorite track yet.

Helix Stone/Roses/Altinak/Occulation Protocols/Neutrino are all contenders.

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Occulation Protocols has a synth in it that reminds me heavily of Steinbergs Hypersonic 2 plugin, which I used to use waayyy back in the day. It’s not on this is it? lol

No, I don’t have that one.

A lot of this album used Logic’s version of Alchemy (RIP CamelAudio, I love you guys), I don’t remember exactly what I used on that particular track, but it was likely Alchemy for most of the synth parts.

Let me see if I can find the project file and I’ll tell you what it was. I got a new computer about a month ago so we’ll see if the Nanostructures files got migrated over.

Are you talking about the one (or, one of the ones, lol) that kinda sounds like a physical modeler?

Regardless, looks like a lot of this one was actually done in Reaktor Prism.

it’s starts to fade in on top of the mix around 2:20. Hypersonic 2 was an old VST rompler. i doubt it’s been updated to this day, but was a lot of fun to use.

Speaking of old Logic files, I have an off-topic question for you. Logic was a DAW i used around 2009-2016. I don’t think my old 2009 MBP works very well anymore, but if I can get the session files, would I be able to load Logic onto my mrs’ laptop and open them? I bought logic back when it was a hard copy, and obviously you can load those onto modern laptops. Not sure of the versioning or if I’d have to pay for an updated Logic version.

Hmm… good question. Not sure if i know the answer, but i can try.

A cursory google search shows that some people had issues getting their old hard copy’s of logic installed into modern macs.

What version of logic is it? if it’s version 9 you should be ok, if it’s 8 or less, there may be issues.

I got logic 9 shortly after it came out, i switched from reason to that after several years, and it was a download. So i never had to deal with any of what you’re describing really.

Were the projects in question made with the version of logic you have on hard copy?

If so I wouldn’t imagine there would be an issue, as long as you can still install old logic onto modern machines. What kind/year of mac does the Mrs. have?

The only real place i can see there being issues is if her laptop uses the apple silicone. Especially if it’s a hard copy, mac may not know what to do with the disc. I’m not positive though.

I will say, IMO, that being only 200$ Logic Pro X is a crazy stupid deal. I know that DAW’s can be a very divisive topic, but i think it’s well worth the money (at least in my eyes), especially when things like Ableton, Reason (lol), FL and others are often at least twice the price for the complete feature-set.

I bring that up because new logic will automatically convert project files from old versions of logic into usable ones. I have a ton of logic 9 files from back in the day that still work just fine with X. It will ask you if you want to save a copy of the file in the new format and then opens the converted file.

That being said, Apple annoys the piss out of me. If i could run logic on a PC without having to build a hackintosh, I would in a heartbeat. Logic is the only reason i’m still a part of that ecosystem.

Sorry for the non-answer, lol. Let me know if you give it a shot. I’d be curious to know how it goes.

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I think it was Logic 8 from memory. But given i used it up until I went back to PC around 2016, I would say that at some point in the timeline it was updated to a newer downloadable version. She has a 2018 so it’s on Intel chipset. Anyway, I definitely wont be buying Logic anytime soon, unless I buy another Mac which, tbh isn’t entirely out of the question, but…nah. haha

Indeed. There should be a straightforward process to get my Logic download. However, I know it will likely involve logging into the Apple ID i used when I lived in Canada tied to the Canadian App store on a Canadian VPN while on my Mrs laptop just to get the damn .dmg file lol

Anyway, I’ll stop hijackin your thread now carry on!

Nanostructures is an ethereal concept album that conjures a window into a futuristic landscape of a past civilization. Think monoliths and alien artefacts. There is a story here, told in a controlled painting with granular specs of broken synthesis. There isn’t a clear ‘favourite’ track for me here. The album is quite cohesive in nature and so singling out one track seems inappropriate. However, the most standout track I would say is Occulation Protocols. The ethereal plucky synths and sub bass are in full swing here. Don’t let it be the first track you listen to, nor the last. Listen to this one end-to-end and in one sitting. Rinse and repeat.

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Damn dude, you’re making me want to give it another listen. haha. Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

Do you, or did you play no man’s sky at all? Cause this really does remind me of that game. And maybe a bit of mass effect, Andromeda

I played the shit out of no man’s sky. Haha. Haven’t touched it since like 3 or 4 updates ago, but yeah. I used to stay up way too late playing that

I played the first three mass effect games. Tried andromeda, and I had such a buggy experience that I just couldn’t do it anymore. Oh well.

This album is friggin dope! I’ve listened 3 times today already. I meant to give you more than $1 dollar for it btw lol sorry. I’ll throw more your way later probably on another release. I can’t get enough of this one though! @Manton pointed it out to me and said it’s a must listen… I agree! Going to enjoy this one for awhile. Cheers

Oh also I edited your OP to fix the Spotify embed since I just incorporated it into the forum code. :+1:


Thanks so much! glad to hear you liked it. :slight_smile: And thanks for fixing the spottily embed.

Got a bunch of music in the works, but it’s been a bit slow since we’re getting ready for our kids to be here, just nine days left before that so it’s crunch time. haha


Yeah man heard you were having twins! It’s been nice knowing you!! haha jkjk


Yup, lol. They’ll be here in 7 day. I’ve been lurking mostly recently just because I’m trying to get things ready around the house, but I’ll be around. Got some new tunes coming that are close, so trying to have that done before they’re here.