[idm/glitch] ±vMcÇ - m.t.b



very cool work!


Too extreme


Very arca…however the beat could be a little busier and the tempo could be a little faster for my taste…very well composed by the way.


Thanks glad ya enjoyed it. :love_you_gesture:t6:


This was extreme?


Yeah it was all meant to be rather slow, glad the composition was interesting to you at least. Thanks for your time


Yes it was.


Love it, just bought the album on Bandcamp. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll be listening to this in the car a lot in the coming days and weeks, perfect mixture of idm, ambient and glitch - looking forward to your future stuff!


Huh, exact opposite of what I was going for…so makes me really feel like i missed the mark with the composition, but eh…to each their own, and I am grateful to hear your thoughts! Thanks so much for keeping it direct, and straight to the point with your criticism. Best of


Heya Redukt,

Ever grateful for the support, and I do hope the album suits your needs!:heavy_heart_exclamation::love_you_gesture:t6:

Oh btw…2 of the tunes are kinda fun in headphones, as they have some Dolby 3D/Omnisphere mix position stuff to em…or if ya have surround sound even better…or so I hope :rofl:


I’ll check it out, thanks for the heads up! :metal:t2: