[idm/glitch/sound design] sm - pathfinder

This really took me a while. Futuristic machinery textures. Good listening.

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The preview sounds insane. This needs proper immersive headphone deep dive, so going to save this one for those rare occasions.

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sound design is great, but some of the tracks are very abstract, I liked extraction point and infinite cluster the best because it nicely blends the abstract and formless, with contemporary structure, props for pushing boundaries and having a futuristic sound :slight_smile:, sounds like a soundtrack to a game to be honest

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Really fun stuff! Reminds me of when the wife and I would go to a bunch of my friends parties in Oakland with acts like:

Las Sucias,
Ratskin Records,
Club Chai — the brainchild of 8ULENTINA and foozool.

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you make the filthiest, sickest textures man. jesus H i need to go wipe


That’s the point. To sound as abstract as possible just to make it question “is this music anymore?”. Nah, don’t think so. This is some AI generated sound waves for humans.

also, just want to add that stuff is on Spotify, stream pls
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It’s good to know that people are pushing boundaries :slight_smile:

damn, the sound design is dense. sounds like the soundtrack to some cybernetic dystopia.

That some great sound design there, what are using for most of the your sound design? the textures are huge, got some mid year Amon Tobin vibes with the texture work

Agree with the soundtrack comments - it feels like playing a game. + your sound design is awesome. A really good job!

wow, it’s looks like i found SM here 3 years ago! Absolutely fantastic sound design!