[IDM] Gadfly-Gadfly EP


Hey everyone, just wanted to share this short ep. I made these 3 tracks between 2009 and 2015. They are free to download, I hope you enjoy!

Gadfly EP


DLed and about halfway through. This is nice stuff. Life has been hectic the last few weeks and I haven’t been making time to listen to anything, just working on my own stuff lately (and you know how that is, it is not a substitute for listening).

Listening right now though, is just like this:

Though my room is a bit messier.

I liked “Remembered” the most, I’m a sucker for acoustic guitar in my IDM soup.

Also it’s heresy that when you search for “artificial intelligence album cover” this is the highest res scan you can get. The rest are book covers not at all related to IDM.


Thank you for listening, glad you liked it!
I’ve been sitting on way too much music for years and finally decided to just release it little by little.