IDM Forums is now available on Audius


I was reading Techcrunch Tuesday and saw a headline for a new site called Audius that wanted to take the Soundcloud experience and update it for this decade. Decentralized content hosting that (they say) will make copyright takedowns more difficult, open source code, and some sort of crypto currency? Check, check and check.

I know we’ve all seen Soundcloud competitors rise and fall, but after doing my personal account, it seemed like a low-risk, low-investment exercise to put an account together for the label and have one more platform to be heard from. If you yourself are interested in joining, give it a shot and we’d appreciate if you follow the netlabel on there. Yeah, we’ll follow you in return like a big digital circle jerk. But judging by the size of the audience so far on there, we could have a decent say in how our little niche gets represented on this platform, and that would be nice for all of us if it does materialize (which I cannot emphasize enough is a bajillion to one chance). Having also popped in on their discord channel (which they invite you to join upon making an account) the devs seem to be in there pretty actively listening to what people have to say about the service right now, so I hope it gets better with time and does manage to avoid some of the pitfalls of soundcloud.


Nice. Really a place where I can listen to your tracks guys.


I’ve said it a few other places already, but my personal favorite thing about this place so far is that they have an image search engine for when you upload a song and you can get royalty free cover art that looks good to go with your track in a few clicks. So I don’t have to keep using that one picture of me that I paid for two years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


If this was ever an issue I’d be glad to help wherever I can :alien:


How about Spotify : ^)


I’ll ask Jayson about it, I know he figured out how to do it for himself. I have another project for the forums that’s been on the backburner a while that I want to see about making some progress on.


Spotify is a pain in the ass.

Firstly, you have to release your music through a digital distribution, then once it’s showing on Spotify, you have to go to the automatically created artist page for your music and click the action to claim your artist page, and then supply the required proof of identity.

However, the far easier approach is to just use a digital distribution and not bother claiming the artist page.
Your music will still be on Spotify (and the others); you just won’t have control over the about section and design elements.

At no point (currently) do you get the ability to freely upload music directly to Spotify (they are closed beta testing direct uploads with selected artists).

We would be better served by just focusing on picking a good distribution service.



This seems like an interesting site but unfortunately it’s bugging for me on two browsers. I don’t want to register at yet another site, forget about it and then being bombed with uninteresting emails so I’ll stick around here to see what you guys have to say about it and if they fix the bugs I’ll tag along!


I really like how this site is setup. It seems to be getting alot of buzz as well.


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Hey all, as Jayson said, this issue has been discussed to death. @Armrest if you choose to not submit your music to us because you think we will make Phat Loot with it and not share, that is your business. I personally do not begrudge anyone their right to decide what to do with their creations.

As for your notion of us in the label team being pirates, it just shows a huge misconception on your part of what we are doing and why we are doing it, as well as the scale of our operation here. I have no interest in trying to clarify that for you however as it should be obvious, and I have better things to do.

This thread is now locked. Any changes to our business model have been, and will continue to be for the benefit of the artist, and research is always ongoing on this topic (like this branch out into Audius).

The Netlabel team would like to make it clear however that we are ALWAYS open to discuss releases with an artist interested in working with us and answer any questions on an individual basis. Just drop me a PM anytime and I will get you in touch with the right person.