[IDM/electro/ambient/chill] Torsktunga - Rotoscape

Hi there

I have released a little album called Rotoscape on bandcamp. It is a mostly chill and ambient album with a hint of both happiness and sadness. Organic soft synths and groovy petite drums and whatever els there is.

Thank you for listening and hope you enjoy it. Take care

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Nice use of reversal, man!

Makes for quite the trippy sound - the panning is the cherry on top.

Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Oh, I see, the whole album is there too! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll listen some more…

Very unique style - very creative, lots of details and unusual juxtapositions of genre - I’m a fan.

Keep it up!

Sorry for this late reply. Thanks alot man for the comment. Really like your music too. Beautiful stuff.

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Cheers man!

Just been having another listen through this stuff.

I really like:

  • Panic In My Hot Car
  • In The Mist We Come (sets a really nice subdued atmosphere)
  • De Doo Qatro (really cool interlaced rhythms and arrangements of sounds)

yrev ecin kcart. a tol fo esrever hguoht. :exploding_head: