[IDM/electro/ambient/chill] Torsktunga - Rotoscape


Hi there

I have released a little album called Rotoscape on bandcamp. It is a mostly chill and ambient album with a hint of both happiness and sadness. Organic soft synths and groovy petite drums and whatever els there is.

Thank you for listening and hope you enjoy it. Take care


Nice use of reversal, man!

Makes for quite the trippy sound - the panning is the cherry on top.

Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Oh, I see, the whole album is there too! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll listen some more…


Very unique style - very creative, lots of details and unusual juxtapositions of genre - I’m a fan.

Keep it up!


Sorry for this late reply. Thanks alot man for the comment. Really like your music too. Beautiful stuff.


Cheers man!

Just been having another listen through this stuff.

I really like:

  • Panic In My Hot Car
  • In The Mist We Come (sets a really nice subdued atmosphere)
  • De Doo Qatro (really cool interlaced rhythms and arrangements of sounds)


yrev ecin kcart. a tol fo esrever hguoht. :exploding_head: