[IDM] arc_sec - redshift

I did the mastering for @Redukt on this. Told him to post it in the member releases as I thought a few of us would enjoy it and he doesn’t have enough posts XD So here it is. Two of the tracks here were on our last few Forms compilations, so it’s quality stuff.


That’s very nice of you, thanks a lot James. :smiley:
You made all the tracks sound A LOT better, and all that’s still wonky sounding is due to my lack of mixing skills.

I hope some of you enjoy it, I’d be really interested in your honest opinions.

It took me over five years to get these few songs together since the last EP; after becoming a father twice studio time and motivation was down to an absolute minimum. The older the kids are getting, the more I find myself able to actually make music again, so I hope the next release won’t take as long… :wink:


You are lucky !

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Thanks for listening, I’m glad you liked it. :slightly_smiling_face:

:smile: Sorry, I just read your post in Michael Palin’s voice and had to laugh.

Ace Autechre-ish audio :space_invader:
I like this more than today’s Autechre actually, regarding atmos and beats.
Cyberpunk’s finest.

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Wow, thanks for listening and your nice words - it really means a lot, especially coming from such a fantastic musician like you. :star_struck:

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Very cool stuff! This is superb

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Thank you very much for listening! :grinning: