I watched you chaaange your taste in music


I like her stuff until Mareridt - before she went full-on traditional/medieval. I have yet to fully listen to Folkesange in full; just skimmed through once on Bandcamp.

Fun fact: Amalie Bruun was in Ex-Cops. At the time, the guy said she was listening to death metal all the time. Prob why they split up :smile:


Country music is one of the music types that are almost totally alien to me - prob because I’m not American. It was simply to easy to make fun of this music when I was a young 'un in Europe. Yee-haw. Also, raging duelling violins produce rather unbearable sounds :upside_down_face:

I don’t doubt there’s some good stuff in there, somewhere…


dude, the artist is just going through a transforming phase when their sound changes, it’s not always a bad thing, sorry i’m just shocked when i hear people stop listeing to the music they love.


Hey don’t get me wrong - I’m not criticizing the change. She’s free to do what she wants and progression/change is good. The latest stuff is just not my thing, that’s all.

(I did like Ex-Cops, which is a far cry from early Myrkur)


her voice is angelic, i can see the influence she had on grimes and aroura


The fact she went full death metal and came out with the most beautiful voice speaks volumes. Her range is so deep, like deeeeeeep deeeep. I cranked her songs out of my speakers and woooow.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezS0ujIuf1U speaking of influence, this is doooooope!!


Good music can change everyone’s taste. Listners want to listen to good music to enjoy themselves.


They’s only two kindsa music… Country… and Western :cowboy_hat_face: