I used to hate trap..but its grown on me

Idk looking for new music I’m like afkt this is new might as well give this a listen…

I mean its simple but some of the soundesign is amazing.


I defo don’t hate Dirty South beats…the music in a show called P-Valley is amazing.

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Trap sounds can be pretty good. The “genre” is a bit limited IMHO (from what I’ve listened to, it’s often just a couple of loops throughout the song + dude rapping on top). I cannot stand rap music though so instrumental trap (does that exist?) would be something I could enjoy in small doses.

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Google trap step or something like that. it is trap but without vocals

Trap is easy to make just use one shot samples in sampler and sf2’s and put that 16 - 8 th notes in half time.

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I hate trap

I love trap beats


Yep, that would be my issue with it: too basic and limited - zero room for development or it becomes a different “genre”. So it’s pretty much doomed from the start to become obsolete very quickly. That’s why I don’t really care for it.

One thing I’ve always found very lame is music “genres” or bands that are basically one-trick pony and totally self-limiting from the start. It makes no sense to me - unless you’re the kind of person that thinks having 25 albums from AC/DC or the Ramones or [insert generic trance DJ here] is great (aka yay! The same thing again and again and again and forever!!).

To each their own, if that makes people happy, good for them :slight_smile:

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I think it is a little reductive to say there is no room for exploration inside a genre that happens to have some strict requirements. Additionally, an kind of music specifically created to be played live by DJs isn’t a finished product until a DJ incorporates it into a mix, each DJ will manipulate the track differently (and the possibilities are great there given where DJ technology is at).

I absolutely agree that taken alone 98% of Trap isn’t note worthy. But I’d also say 90% of rock music (or whatever widely popular genre) isn’t noteworthy either.

: ) <3


I need to have good lyrics and not



“Drop a dick. Slap that ass.”
“Homie pulled a gat, so I checked his ass like that. Shot him up. And stole his bitch.
Playa got a playa…etc…”

I like my lyrics to make me think and not be ego trippin thug stuff nor self indulgent bs.

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Make some trap finally! :smile:

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Also there is a kinda trap hybrid genre phonk or smth
I found this guy . very promising . not trap but

Trap was better in the 2000s and early 10s. It just sounds souless now. The producer tags gave the music so much soul and it’s mostly gone and I hate how it has homogenised the sound ov hip hop. Why was this sound forced so much? There used to be much more variety.