I-toons on PC - Great experiences?

Just DLed itunes because I only found one album I want to have exclusively there… my experiences where just awesome:

  1. Had to download a effing 250MB program to even access the store
  2. this thing directly wants access to your paypal account or similar to even make an account
  3. tried to access the store, always lead me to some error message
  4. google said many people have similar errors
  5. tried multiple suggestions, didn’t help at all
  6. suddenly it said my account is blocked
  7. tried to reset my account as suggested, the site said my acocunt doesn’t exist.
  8. over the course of these happy experiences, it opened my CD drive all the f***ing time (usually never open that thing, i was wondering what that noise is coming from the opening CD drive hitting against the closed PC…), even though I excplicitly clicked multiple times on some option to leave my CD drive alone…
  9. Aaaaaaargh…

So, you people use this abomination of an intrusive dysfunctional store program? ^^

Sorry for the rant… Maybe would have been better placed in “Things that piss you off”… But I kinda want to kno w if I’m alone with this… Like, does it only work on Apple products or something like that? ^^

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It works a lot better if you have an i-device and you make your account on there and sync it, but even then I don’t like it much. I installed it one time to get the syncing drivers on my pc so I could use mediamonkey to actually do the business of organizing my songs and syncing them to my phone. And even just installing it and uninstalling my computer has never been the same.

Absolutely, itunes has lots of problems, but apple feels that itunes is so last decade. Look at their corporate earnings calls:

  1. Apple can’t grow device sales anymore as the market is saturated.
  2. Apple can’t grow app sales/revenue anymore as that market is also saturated (and they’re facing anti-trust litigation in the US for only allowing the apple app store/itunes on i-devices and forcing developers to give x% of their sales to apple in order to sell on there). So in fact, that revenue stream may be gone for them in a few years.
  3. Apple CAN tap into the growing subscription market with monthly recurring service fees for their existing user base with things like Apple News, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and Apple TV. They have said multiple times now that this is their goal.

So knowing this, apple absolutely is aware there are problems with itunes, but they basically admit they don’t care to fix them because they’d rather see you on apple music anyways.

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Having an iPhone and being forced to sync everything with iTunes is the main reason why I quit using iProducts altogether. They’re bloaty status symbols (IMO, I know some here would disagree) and they refuse to play well if you’re using a PC and outside of their ecosystem.

I’ve been known to purchase something and then obtain what I bought through other means just because being locked down to something as shitty as that (remember their old DRM scheme? That was a blast) isn’t my cup of tea, even though I firmly believe in supporting what I like. I’ll literally use any workaround in order to keep iBloat off my PC, let’s just put it that way.

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As someone ultimately responsible for managing many thousands of Apple devices, I can say from that standpoint they’re complete trash. They’re made nicely, they’re functional, they have some decent features (nothing you can’t get elsewhere), but the stranglehold Apple keeps over their crap is infuriating. Their MDM/ABM is leagues behind any other offering. iTunes is just another example of that. Everything is built to keep the cards in their hands, even after you’ve plopped down the wad of cash for it.

I personally have an iPhone and an iPad (both paid for by the company I work for) and I have a specific computer set aside with iTunes on it for when I need to load media because I won’t infect any machine that gets daily use with it. I certainly won’t buy music from them. I participate in the ecosystem as little as I can.

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Kinda offtopic, but maybe someone has an idea where I can buy an MP3 copy of “Nier: Gestalt & Replicant OST”?
I searched quite a bit but only found the CD version everywhere, only itunes seemed to have the MP3 version for some strange reason… Someone show me I have been blind please I need this OST lol…

Try amazon music.

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Only orchestral, jazz, piano versions and so on, not the originals, but thanks!