I too am old and new again

I was on here maybe around 2005-2008 or so, around IDMf003 I believe. Pretty sure I had the same username, and I remember I was proud of the number of MC points I had…

I took a long time away from making any music aside from loops on my phone, and did a ton of boring, life-related adult stuff in the interim. I recently got pretty heavily into it again after selling and trading a bunch of my old gear.

I’m doing work on my house and will hopefully gain a dedicated studio space, but for now I’m just getting comfortable with my new gear. I’m posting some jams and stuff I’m doing now on instagram mainly, and will hopefully get enough posts to share them here soon.

In the meantime just interested in talking about music, techniques, ideas, and all that. I’m also definitely interested in collaborating with people in person in the New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia metro area, and am happy to discuss that further if you’re interested, so just reach out.


Welcome back, my dude. You were here and possibly gone before. That sounds like the Fid era as far as the label stuffs. I was here more during Benwaa’s run of stuffs. But then probably like 2010, or so.

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Welcome back… the denizens here continue to grow in myriad and mysterious ways. :sunglasses:

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I don’t remember much, but Benwaa is a name I recall. No idea who was running things at that point, I was still basically a kid. I don’t even recall why exactly I stopped using the site, who knows.