I think I'm going to set up my studio on the floor lol

How did I come to this?

Well, my wife is coming off of this medicine that helps her sleep, and she’s having a hell of a time catching z’s at the moment, so I’m spending a few days sleeping on an extra mattress that i’ve laid across the floor in my studio while she adjusts.

Last night I was in there, (ok so i was also kind of stoned…) and I was on the bed messing around with a couple of projects i’ve been working on. And well… it was just vibing pretty hard for me.

For one thing, being on the floor just feels cool. More laid back and fun. Not like I’m doing work or something.

Also, I just liked the sound of it. I’ve always hated the sound of having nearfield monitors up in my face. It just doesn’t sound like any other situation that I listen in. I like to hear the sound disperse a bit. My studio has some bass traps I made in the corners and a couple of other places so it’s half way decently treated. plus I feel that, sense i’m sitting on a thick memory foam mattress, it’s almost like i’m sitting on another bass trap, which perhaps helps in preventing reflections coming from behind me.

I made my first tracks ever on the floor of my first shitty apartment, on my granddad’s old HP work desktop. So maybe I’m just getting sentimental. Who knows.

Anyone want to try and talk me out of it before i got fuck up my studio?

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Honestly, whatever gets your juices flowing is good. Even if it sounds silly to most, I think where I’m making tunes actually effects the outcome a lot more than it should. I’ve had floor / minimal setups that really made me feel relaxed and shit, too. I do some of my longest sessions on a bed (heh heh heh).

I also work on a computer for a living like a lot of people, so if you’re relaxing at a desk as well it can begin to feel like work part 2. Get on the floor, get stoned, get out of that work headspace.

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I primarily work on my laptop in bed, so go for whatever works.

When I’m not working from bed, I pretty much live on the floor for all my videogames, tv, boardgames, puzzles, whatever else I do. My parents both lay on our couches, so my brother and I grew up on the floor and now furniture feels optional tbh.


Well I told my old lady and she was like… "oh, so there will be a mattress in the middle of the floor all the time? ". Lol classic. It’s pretty comical just how much the way things look in the house plays into her perception of them. I can just see her brain imagining a big ugly mattress in the floor in there when we have guests over. I don’t think she can see past that atm.

Regardless, I’ve got it in my head and I’m going to have to try it.

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The lady I belong to has given up on my studio… its my chaos room. She keeps out of season shoes in there. That’s it. Lol.

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When sitting on the floor (or a mattress), I recommend paying extra attention to your body posture, especially the way you end up sitting when using your mouse and keyboard. Bending/holding your upper body in a forwards position for longer periods can quickly result in some nasty lower back pains. Traditional Japanese furniture (low tables and tatami mats) is worth looking into, - and may look more visually appealing to your partner as well;)

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all of the music I produced/released from 2008-2009 was made sitting on a pillow on my hardwood floor in my non-air-conditioned apartment in downtown sacramento, california. just me sitting on a pillow or laying on my stomach on a mattress on the ground, my monitor on a milk crate, my home-built PC sitting on a couple books (I think proust’s in search of lost time, a bible, and darwin’s on the origin of species. no rehabilitating sleepy wife… I was just poor as fuck. it was all right, but it got old.

desk with a proper, comfy, arm-rested chair that properly reclines is king.

also a mattress is not a bass trap lmao. it’s more of a cum and fart trap.