I give up..lol


4 real seriously…


If this means DJs are going to be spinning mixes of Guetta and Eifel then it’s not a complete loss.

I unironically love the original track. The new lyrics are just sad, and I’m sure everyone is going to keep those over the lines like “I live in the blue house with the blue window”.


Guetta completely ripped off eifel…

Sample a pad ok…but the whole instrumental of a track seriously…

Also was he a part of eifel…to my knowledge, no…so he didnt make it.

Im guessing the label he belongs to owns the rights to the song…they probably took the song and rebranded it as a guetta remix collab to make more money…

It like me taking an aphex twin track and looping it for three minutes and then adding fart samples to it and labeling it as an original dubstep track…

The facepalm is strong with this.


I would say it all depends on the fart samples.


Secret on how to bass???


I feel your fury because it’s a shitty cover, but sometimes a shitty cover is just what a song needs to come back into the limelight for a bit. There’s plenty examples of this happening in the rock world, no need to look farther than the JunkieXL version of “A Little Less Conversation” which is now legally required to play during any movie flyover scene of Las Vegas. You have to append your search with original version or you’ll only get this.

Aerosmith did it to the Beatles with “Come Together”, Guns’n’Roses did it to the Rolling Stones with “Sympathy for the Devil”, White Lion did it to Golden Earing with “Radar Love” (and in that case as in this one the Golden Earing version is undoubtedly the superior song).

Covers happen, I have to assume Guetta’s giving proper credit and Eifel 65 just got their biggest paycheck in a decade.

Also if you need help with those fart samples I can get some deep subby pants flappers for you :wink:


Facepalm ≠ fury…

I am aware of junkie xxl…but at least he changes and adds drums to it…

Im under the assumption that he isnt though…lol

Also doing live covers takes some skill if your in a band.

Also the fart samples arent necessary ill just rip from yt vids.