I am new here and that means I was never deleted

but … and I hope that means I won’t be deleted now. :scream:

My shite is mainly for remixing and playing with, for other DJs & producers to have at it and mostly speriment. I do vocals and it’s really not beatbox, not scat, not a cappella and not really singing but there’s no name for it so it is what it is.

I spent enough time coming up with the name Djeryld. Seems like a cool, intelligent place to be. I’ll try not to be stoopid.

have fun!



idk about idmf as an intelligent place to be haha, but you’re welcome to the forum bud,

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Thanks for welcoming me. I look forward to further posts. Really really like that this isn’t yet-another-v-bulletin-board with some other kinda skin I’ve seen before. :peace_symbol:

the new setup idmf has is pretty swanky for sure. Way back in the day it definitely had the v bulletin look haha, so I know exactly what you mean hahaha,

welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I had to come in and say hi. Great title. :smile:. You’ve gone as far as understand we were deleted, once.

I would say the community to some degree is older but there are shit post Monet’s and stuffs.

“great title” — meaning this subject line/topic? if ya like that one, wait’ll you my next one. i intend to start a topic that ties together Boolean geometry, the Three Stooges and VST plugin names that are all consonants. Should get a lotta replies…

You had me at three stooges. Some of the best old comedy, in line with Laurel and Hardy and Charlue Chaplain.

I always say really stupid idiots doing dumbass shit is not as easy as it looks. but when it’s works it kills. they were the original amalgamated morons.

Damn, you’ve done your research. Welcum :grinning:

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