Huge U-he Sale


Diva and Repro 50% off. Pretty tempted to pick up Diva for under $100. Repro…can’t speak its praises enough if you want something that pretty much sounds vintage unless you try to make it not sound that way on purpose.

Can’t speak to what is up with the collab with NI…I’m not an NI hater…but somehow it leaves a bad taste in my mouth…


too bad no bazille… tempting, though…


Yea, I’d rather have that or Zebra. I think I may pass as I’m something just feels funky about buying U-he from NI…


yeah same here… that reminds me a bit of camel audio lawl… i love the Uhbik effects though and am really thinking about getting that bundle, but I am only really interested in the synths and the tape thing… A bundle with all synths, now that would have been something :smiley:


I use U He Satin in every song. Presswerk is almost the only compressor I use as well.


The NI thing is probably because of the NKS integration.


Ah. I see that now.


I wish I had seen this earlier… :open_mouth: