How's it going friends

I’ve been making music for years now but have never been able to get my music to the holy land that is IDM, and have been revising my entire approach to music over the past couple months. I just started learning how to use Pure Data, OpenMPT, and Max 8, in hopes of learning some nifty tricks to use in my music. I’m pretty new to all of this but I’m hoping to learn from the good folks on this forum.


Welcome to the forum. There are some pretty knowledgeable people here. PureData et. al. is way above my pay grade : )

That’s mighty kind of you, hopefully we can all learn some news tricks together and what not; Cheers!

I’ve learned a ton here over the years. Feel free to jump right in : )

Can I hear your work? Where can I?

I have to confess I’m not exactly proud of my work as I made my first album before I knew what I really wanted to do with music but you can find it on most streaming platforms - It’s ‘Centre Point’ by Sparr0w.

I feel the same way about my music, I think we’re both on the same level. I’m happy with what I made but there’s always a direction I think I should be going, or something should/could have been done differently technically speaking. Sound familiar? It’s still good though, thanks.

I appreciate that, and yes i could have written exactly that my self. Mind if I check out your work?

Please do! Pleasure to meet you.

Likewise friend :+1:

Welcome dude!

Looking forward to seeing you around and hearing some of your tunes. Our Listening Booth subforum has always been a pretty awesome spot to get feedback and showcase WIPs.

Cheers! :beers:

Thanks man I appreciate that, I’m pretty hyped to hear what other people are working on and get some feedback on my work. Everyone seems pretty awesome on this site too, which is extremely refreshing!

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