Howdy guys!


what’s up fellas!

My name is hu$hgod, I just found out about this forum a few minutes ago and it looks super cool so I figured I’d say hi. I’ve been producing for almost 8 years now, and I started off making hip hop beats for others during the clout era of the internet. Unfortunately, my beats were hot ass and too weird for everyone so I took it upon myself to rap/sing on them myself. Fast forward to now, I’m still making hip hop but have been super inspired by genres such as ambient jungle and acid house and have been trying to infuse elements of that into my tracks. Super pumped to chill with y’all tho, seems like a super nice community! love xoxo!


Have to say I haven’t heard use the terms ambient jungle or acid house in a minute : )

Welcome to the forum. Local admin here, lemme know if you need something


thanks dude! I’m happy to be here :sunglasses:


Welcome! Weird is good around these parts :smiley: